Attend a Conference – Virtually

Attend conferences without leaving your classroom or home. 

Many conferences are developing virtually so participants can interact online at a specific time or view the archive at their convenience.  Great presentations can be forwarded or posted on a blog for others to enjoy.  Check out some of the following links. 

K12 Online Conference begins in October.  You can view the archives here from the past year to 2006.  Sessions can be downloaded to your iPod or to your computer including Student Creation of Digital Documentaries, Asking Bigger Questions about Assessment, and presentations by David Warlick.

Smithsonian Education Online Conference Series

7th Annual Online Conference Illinois Teaching & Learning

Below is an example of an online presentation (although lengthy) about effective use of Powerpoint.  (It was rated as one of the best visual presentations given – but you decide…)

How to Create a Great PowerPoint - Take 2.0 from Alvin Trusty on Vimeo.


A Brave New World-Wide Web, Teacher Reflection

David Truss, teacher, reflects on his transformation as a teacher in the following video.  If you cannot see the video below, go to the following site, .


Note the Creative Commons copyright that allows for non-commercial use and sharing as long as you give attribution to the creator David Truss.


Neat Sites

InQuotes, Google
Find quotes from stories linked to from Google News comparing two individuals.  For example, compare quotes on election issues for Barack Obama and John McCain.

Password Meter:  Determine the strength of your passwords.

Google Font Create Google type logos with the Google Font.

U.S. Government videos available for public domain use from Internet Archives.  Videos include supreme court case dramatizations and a variety of other interesting videos.

23 things 2.0: Podcasts

Podcasting:  (iPOD broadCAST) “An audio broadcast that has been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback in a digital music player or computer.” (PC Magazine

An iPod is not required to listen or create podcasts!   

Podcasts can easily be found on iTunes or Educational Podcast Network ( 

Once you determine a file you would like to try, click on the file and your computer should begin playing.   Common podcasts include NPR This I Believe, National Geographic, and Yogamazing

Many educators are utilizing podcasts to go beyond the traditional classroom setting and share with a world-wide audience. 

Students can create a recorded version of their presentation or record a script from a writing assignment.   

Teachers are also creating podcasts to distribute homework, lectures, and school announcements. 

To create podcasts or to have your students create podcasts, see the library media specialists for assistance.   

Podcast Resources: 

Quick/Easy Podcast Creation


Grammar Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing Podcast

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